Do what you can do, and let GOD do what you CAN´T do!

A new season in my life

You who have read my posts know that my mom got diagnosed with cancer in June 2014. She is doing okay, and will be leaving for Denmark October 30th to be checked and see if the chemotherapy has helped.

In the midst of all this I got a crazy idea. I want to start a fund who can give financial support to people with cancer so they can take a much needed "break" from their sickness. Go to the theater, movies, out for lunch or just for a ride in the car. I know that most people with cancer can´t work because of the treatment they get. It makes them sick! No work = NO MONEY! Every penny they have goes to pay for medicine, doctors, therapy, surgery, special food etc. and they are in survival mode instead of living mode! I want to help these people live - AND we know and it is proven by scientist - that if you are having fun, not worried, enjoying life - there is a much higher chance of survival.

I'm dyslexic so my writing is not perfect but I have made this website so you can support my project. In time I hope to help ex prisoners, the homeless, poor etc.
My Paypal on this web is not working at this time - so if you want to give a donation you can do it by donating on my private fundraising page. I'm fundraising money to myself to get through College. BUT if you donate and write in the message to the receiver "RT" I will transfer the money to the fund. I hope you enjoy my website.

Please pray for us!

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