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2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil

I (Jóna) had a dream to gather people in my home town to watch the World Cup for Men 2014 held in Brazil. I rented a private home from one of my family members. The couple were going out of the country for one month, which turned out to be exactly the month when the tournament was held.

My father's cousin, who lives in that house, helped me with the technical issues, and even let me borrow his 53" TV with surround sound. I´m very thankful for the help he gave me!
As you can see on the picture below we decorated the house, sold simple food, candy and sodapops. We showed every single game for a whole month.

The entry price was 10 kr. (1,68$) to watch a game and then everything else was really cheap.

I asked around if local companies would like to support our cause, and we got a 100% backup from them and from the churches on my island. Everybody wanted to help. We feel very blessed to work with such generous people.

Thank you!

Lottery ticket: We made a lottery and got support from all over The Faroe Islands! People volunteered to go door to door to sell for us. At the final day we had a concert in our backyard, it was a sucess! Musicians and artists gave their time and product for free. The church lent us the speakers and technical equipment - everything was for free! 

In 30 days we collected 32000 KR (5379.20 $) in the Faroe Islands + 10000 KR (1681 $) from our Danish friends = 42000 KR (7060,2 $).

We sent the money via Hope for All in Denmark, who then sent the money to a Cancer hospital for kids and a orphan village in Israel.